The Sirenhead Model – Making A Monster

It all started on a rainy evening. I was self-isolating and bored out of my mind, so I started watching Jackscepticeye’s playthroughs, when I find one of a game called “Sirenhead”, made by a talented bloke called Undreamed Panic, who runs a small studio called Isolation Interactive. The game looks and feels amazing. It’s fun … Read more

Quoth The Raven, Nevermore (Graphics)

Boy this is going to make me seem irresponsible, isn’t it? But guess which other project I have been procrastinating on? Ahh you got me! The Steampunk Santa! I’m kidding, it’s this raven. But to be fair, it’s not as bad as it looks/sounds and it’s not for the reasons you think. You see… this … Read more

Baba Yaga’s Hut And Russian Forest: Postmortem

Remember what I said last time about the Japanese pack being the one project I procrastinated on for years? Well, technically that’s not true. I’ve procrastinated on this one, too! Now, I realize that that doesn’t make me seem like a very responsible person, and I understand, but the reason I’ve been prioritizing literally EVERYTHING … Read more

Onryō: Japanese Ghosts Postmortem

If you frequent this Blog often, you might remember my last post was about a modular Edo Japan game level pack, which you can check out on THIS page, or read more about it HERE. But this week it’s all about Ghosts! So this all started ’cause during the development of the modular Edo Japan game level … Read more

Modular Edo Japan Game Level Pack Postmortem

A few projects have been as challenging or engaging for me as this modular game level pack. And I knew this from the very beginning, when I began to conceptualize this whole mess. Which is… why I procrastinated on it for an entire year. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the kind of procrastinator … Read more

New 3D Model: The Victorian Living Room

After I created the original living room furniture set, I felt like it was incomplete. Unfortunately at the time, all I wanted was to make the furniture and that’s it, but as time went by, I really wanted to have more than just the furniture. A bear rug to sit in front of the furniture, … Read more

New Models: Merry Christmas (In Advance)

You might be asking yourself why I am posting Christmas-themed models already, when we’re not even in December, but if you’ve ever tried to prepare a Christmas-themed project days before Christmas, it’s absolute chaos. So I’ve released my holiday themed model earlier, for those wanting to prepare. That said, it’s been awhile since the last … Read more

3D Low Poly Weapon Pack With PBR Materials

Low-Poly Weapon pack is a pack of 4 different weapons with multiple skins and variants. Incredibly flexible and customizable. They were all created in Blender 3D and textured in photoshop. They were animated in Blender but the polish was done in Adobe After Effects, for this promo. The song was composed in FL Studio, by … Read more

New Website and Section!

If you’ve been following my twitter and Facebook, which I encourage you to do, you know that I’ve been putting out 3D models for the past 2 years or so, been doing them for a bit longer than that, but strangely enough, my portfolio never had a 3D section. It’s always there, make no mistake, … Read more