After Effects Template: Procedural Shattered Glass Template

After Effects Template: Procedural Shattered Glass template

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Don’t we have enough crappy procedural shattered glass templates? Like… After Effects Does this automatically, right?!”
Well, yes. But look again. Notice anything strange? Yup. Exactly. This is not your typical Shatter Plugin template. In fact, I want you to pay attention to the borders of those glass shards. As you can see, they are molded to the shattered glass texture. In other words, there’s a custom-made shatter map. Meaning that someone (Namely your’s truly) sat there for hours making the shatter map by hand. So what is the whole point of this? Well, for starters, flexibility. What this means to you as the user of this After Effects template, is that you have 100% control over how that glass breaks. Maybe not in the immediate control panel, as this template was designed for that that specific logo stinger. But if you are savvy enough with After Effects you can turn this shattered glass template into basically ANYTHING involving breaking glass, since this is a 3D effect.

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After Effects 360 Template: Biohazard 360 – Loopable, Dynamic 360 footage

This is the second After Effects 360 Template I release and taking a few well-learned lessons from the last one, I decided to arm this one with as many customizing options as humanly possible, so it’s not just a simple tech corridor but basically, this is EVERY tech corridor. Early on during development of this AE template, I noticed that not everyone would want a Biohazard/Zombie infection-themed project, so I thought about releasing one after that and make it about some oil refinery, or perhaps a nuclear plant and it quickly became apparent that it would be easier to simply add the option to pick the setting and change the wall graphics. It wasn’t that hard for me to add, so I did. And speaking of which, this After Effects 360 template offers a quite a wide range of options to explore, in fact I think this is the most extensive Control Panel I’ve implemented to date. From the color of the general atmosphere and lights, to the color of the items inside the scene and wall graphics, this AE template is versatile and highly customizable.

Now, understandably, editing this project might be a little bit harder than any othe past ones, but I made a tutorial JUST for this project.

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360 After Effects Template: Fire & Brimstone

360 After Effects Template: Fire & Brimstone

We start the year with a bang! And what a bang, people! What a bang! This is a fully loopable 360 After Effects template. Did I mention it is also fully editable and doesn’t require ANY plugins? I am not kidding! You can fully edit the 3D objects in the 360 panorama without the need for ANY external plugin at all! Not gonna lie, it took me awhile to crack this sucker, but when I did, a world of possibilities opened to me.
All is achieved through the clever use of After Effects native plugins, particularly distortion ones and, if you are not using any 3D plugins, you can do so from the same comp.

Now, understandably editing this 360 After Effects template is not as simple as previous ones, mostly due to the fact that, you guessed it, you have three hundred and sixty degrees of freedom here, rather than the traditional templates you are accustomed to. Lucky for you, I included a very thorough render and several helper objects such as nulls and z-depth pass, which you can use to occlude things. What’s more, your 360 After Effects template is separated in layers, which you can turn on and off or colorize so the degrees of freedom this template offers you are far greater than you think.

Now, let’s briefly talk about music. This AE template also includes loopable audio and music tracks, which means that you can extend it indefinitely without a noticeable cut.

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Logo Reveal After Effects Template: An MiB Christmas! Two Logo Stingers!

Snow Globe logo reveal After Effects template

It’s CHRISTMAS TIME FOLKS!! And you know what that means! Santas, crowded malls and what not yay!!! Well, here at Nevermore Motion Graphics, I have the Christmas spirit too and to celebrate I this logo reveal After Effects template. Thing is, when I finished it, I had a deep creative itch to scratch, so I made a second one!

Snow Globe is a Christmas-themed logo stinger AE template, the snowman is pre-rendered, as is the glass ball that contains it, BUT you can position it wherever you like. The letters are tubular and three-dimensional, so you can animate them (instructions in Readme file) and spin them – to a certain point – you really don’t need ANY plugins for that, the 3D text is completely procedural. The lights change and update with only two controls. In this case I’m using only green and red, but you can use whatever colors you want! Oh, did I mention you can change the color of the scarf on the snowman? Yeah, you totally can!

Galaxy Marble logo reveal After Effects template

Galaxy Marble is Men in Black-inspired logo reveal After Effects template. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch MiB and see the ending of the first movie, there’s a Galaxy inside a Marble kinda thing going on. But, plot twist! NO, this AE template was not based on MIB’s ending. It was in fact based on Video Copilot’s “Galactic Orb” tutorial. This was sort of a tribute to that tutorial. ‘Cause you see, when I found that tutorial, I already knew how to do that, but I still wanted to do it, because Andrew made it look so beautiful, so I decided to make an AE template about it, except using my own technique, to give it MY OWN spin. For the interior of the glass marble I used an older logo reveal After Effects template of mine as a base, (except rendered from a slightly different angle). In the end, the result was quite similar to the ending of the first Men In Black film, which I’m sure was Andrew Kramer’s original intent when doing his version. So I guess it all comes full circle?

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Galaxy Marble and Snow Globe logo reveal After Effects template

You can purchase and download the template here:

And here:—galaxy-inside-a-marble-logo-stinger-htjuk5m4eiwt2dtdc/—christmas-snowman-in-a-glass-ball-logo-stinger-rr5yog-egiwrcd6vh/

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Stock Music: 9 New Songs Added to the Nevermore Graphics Collection!

New Stock Music

Ok, this is going to be a quick update ’cause I’m tired as hell and well, it’s 3 am over here and I’m kinda tired of falling asleep on the keyboard (the “Enter” key is starting to leave a permanent imprint on my forehead). So digression aside, there are 9 new stock music songs on the Nevermore Graphics multimedia collection and these are all royalty-free scores ranging from 10 seconds to 1:30 minutes, they are awesome for film scores, websites, commercials, short films, logos, etc. Pay us a visit over there and check them out, see if you like them and if you have any ideas, commends or suggestions, leave your comment down below and I will personally answer!

Check the latest Nevermore Graphics stock music here: