3D Models – Cyber Knight


Cyber-Knight is the second humanoid creature I modeled. The anatomy around the shoulders is a bit wonky, since I wanted him to have somewhat “8-bit proportions”, so it can be used as a third person game character and at the same time I wanted to keep the heroic proportions with broad shoulders and a rigid armor around the upper torso. As a result, the movements are a bit restricted. On the other hand I had the opportunity to explore human anatomy and muscles, so the end result is a bit of a mixed bag.

When I finished it, I liked it so much that I kept making skins for it and ended up with every color in the spectrum, plus a bunch of animations, that you can watch in the promo video, below. The animation was key-framed, rather than motion-captured, so the walking and running cycles do not look fully realistic.

The character is loosely inspired by Visor, from the Quake games, however, the intention wasn’t to copy it, but rather to use the same concept and see where it goes from there.

You can purchase and download this model here: