Visual Effects & Matte Paintings

Visual Effects and Motion Graphics

The quality of our visual effects and motion graphics sets us apart from other companies in the same price range. Why? Simply because we get stuff done. No matter the budget or the assets or the constraints, we’ll find a way.
Watch here a compilation of our finest works and some VFX breakdowns showing the complexity of some of the techniques employed in our shorts, commercials, visual FX or matte paintings.

Visual Effects Reels

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Matte Paintings

Being a Photoshop wizard, it was only a matter of time before I dabbled into matte paintings, for now this portfolio mostly only contains scenes from one short; The Horrible Life of Snippy and a few shots I made for flash-based websites, however as time progresses, expect more and more of these.

Matte Painting, Sky Replacement and Color Grading Demo Reel