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Evil Planet Games - Mobile Games With a Touch of Evil

Evil Planet Games is a branch of Evil Planet Studios exclusively dedicated to mobile games and videogame graphics, animations and visual effects. Made by a gamer, for gamers and game developers!

With over 15 years of experience in game developing (a.k.a. screwing around with videogame graphics), this was only a logical path for me to take after devoting most of my career to every other kind of media under the sun BUT videogames, all of them usually converging in videogame design, but not quite actually using them in one.
And I am not just being facetious here. I have actually done, motion graphics, animation, visual effects, Graphic design,  music, sound design, character design and development, story writing and many other things that usually end up in a videogame but the lack of programming experience is what have prevented me from delving further into that. Now it all changes with mobile games, which are considerably easier to develop and program and eventually led to a global renasaince of videogame developing, allowing a lot of talented Folks, your humble (and evil) servant included to develop games of their own.

Mobile Games: