3D Models – Gothic Chapel Set


This is my first attempt at modular game design. Although the modules tile well and the design is not bad, however the lack of extra geometry makes certain angles not work very well, making some walls look flat as pancakes.

  • There are 27 different modules, including, walls, corridors, hallways, stained glass windows, and different variations of a section and assets to avoid repetition.
  • 4 Different torches; 2 for corners and concave areas, two for flat or curved surfaces.
  • 7 Different floor tiles; 4 small, 3 large
  • All shaders are PBR and Cycles/Eevee ready
  • All textures are 4K
  • All modules can easily snap together.
  • Low-Poly
  • Simple to use.
  • The geometry features holding edges and can be subdivided for a better resolution if needed.

You can purchase and download this model here: