3D Models – Gothic Dungeon Modular Set


This is the second modular kit [of a building] I created, in this one I did add some sort of geometry to displace the bricks and add some of the threedimensionality back. To maximize compatibility, I am actively avoiding parallax mapping and other non-geometry-based displacement, so the polycount on this one is definitely higher at the cost of a better look. However I exchanged the torches for chains and shackles and since I love elemental themes, the skins reflect that.

  • There are 26 different modules, including, walls, a window, a gate, floors and stairs.
  • Animated water texture is included with only animated caustics that can be used to displace a 2x2m tile and to project on walls for the caustic reflections. No further texture is required, since it only requires low roughness and water color.
  • Animated lava texture is included with roughness, normals and diffuse, which also doubles as emission map. Rougness doubles as displacement texture, can be inverted for different effect on the crests and valleys.
  • Accessories like shackles, spikes, metal bars and liquid floors.
  • 3 skins to choose from or combine; Regular, Water temple and Fire Temple
  • All shaders are PBR and Cycles/Eevee ready
  • All textures are 4K
  • All modules can easy to snap together and can be combined.
  • Low-Poly
  • Simple to use.
  • The geometry has mixed tris and quads, not great for subdivision, however it can be subdivided. Some of the models in this pack have holding edges.

You can purchase and download this model here: