3D Models – SciFi Tesla Rifle


When the Blood Remake project was canceled, I was left with a huge wish to make some of the weapons in the game, but since the game wasn’t gonna happen anymore I had no reason to do them anymore. The need to create them on the other hand, was still there. I made this instead.

The idea behind the design was to make it as testosterone-filled and phallic as possible. Also, to ground the idea in reality as much as possible, which I did, until I realized that anyone holding this behemoth would get instantly fried by the rogue electrical arches, the peeled terminals and the overall sloppiness of the construction. Either that or just fall over because the gun is too front-heavy.
It looks a little bit like a V6 engine and that’s intentional, too. I wanted to make the barrel look like the cross between a V6 engine and a transformer. Mission accomplished. And if you are willing to suspend your disbelief and pretend this thing is super-lethal to someone other than yourself, then so am I. (:

You can purchase and download this model here: