3D Models – ScrapGun


I cannot take full credit for this beauty. My friend, who decided to remain anonymous gave me the idea and I wanted to share with you all:

Milton, the unwashed Mechanic, needing to protect his space station from pirates is using the molten Scrap cannon! He loads it by popping open the large scrap containers, filling it with nuts, bolts, chunks of metal, beef drippings, whatever the heck he has on hand that’s ferro-magnetic. As he loads it in, he turns on the battery pack and it whirls to life. He sees the pirates starting to cut through the doors and he grabs the heavy cannon, holding it by the two grips on the side up to chest-level and pulling down on the triggers. The scrap chambers start to spin quickly as they slowly releases their cargo into the main firing chamber, the barrel of the tool starting to glow as the force provides an artificial gravity inside the cannon, compressing the objects until they start to melt and combine into a molten ball of pure “Screw Pirates”. As the door is cut open, Milton, in all his angry 5-foot-nothing height fires, releasing all his rage, both at the pirates, and the fellow members of the space station who always call him because they can’t be bothered to fix their own goddamn toilet. The ball rips through the pirate, melting as it collides with him, travelling through as it sets what’s left alight.

You can purchase and download this model here:

https://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/1503476 https://blendermarket.com/products/pbr-scifi-rigged-scrapgun-with-vfx-and-sound-effects https://www.pond5.com/3d-models/item/123845385-pbr-scifi-rigged-scrapgun-vfx-and-sound-effects