3D Models – Victorian Mortuary Set


This model was made for the unreleased Blood Remake project I was working on, it was supposed to be in the same room as the crematorium model I featured in this portfolio, however, since it was never released, I decided to sell the model set on its own. In the original 1997 game, the scene is pretty basic and blocky, since it was made in the build engine, so I had to take a lot of artistic license. Guessing from the time period in which Blood I happened, I was thinking late 1800’s and early 1900’s, however, the embalming machine is not time period accurate, nor are the height clamps on some of the furniture. In other words, it looks time-period accurate, but it isn’t. For this I had to do some heavy material research, to understand better some of the materials and the wear and tear on them, for example, the porcelanized steel the dissecting table is made out of.

You can purchase and download this model here: