3D Models – Caleb From Blood


This is the character Caleb, from the 90’s Build engine game Blood. In my opinion one of the best games ever created. So in late 2018 I joined a team working on a remake of the game and offered to design, model and texture the iconic protagonist of the game; Caleb. The look I was going for was sort of a mixture between Aaron Eckhart and Ed Harris with a bit of Bruce Campbell playing Ash mixed in there, (although it ended up looking a lot like Liam Neeson) because that is how I imagined Caleb would look like in real life. All I had to go by really was the game sprites, the in-game cutscenes looked horrible. I did look at the blood II game art, which featured a closeup of Caleb’s face, but again, the Blood II game models were also terrible. And so, I decided to take some artistic license with elements such as the face features, the clothing, the hat, etc. I also thought the entire eyeball glowing red was a bit of an old trope, so I updated that look by only lighting up the pupil.

Whether I hit the nail on the head or failed miserably, I’ll leave that to the fans of the game. Thankfully this was never released and thus didn’t have to face the scrutiny from hardcore fans, due to the fact that this is my very first proper human model, so I was doing human face and body anatomy and texturing for the very first time.