Nevermore Graphics: New Royalty Free Scores!

New Royalty Free Scores!

Music has been a very important part of my life for a very long time. I started making music when I was just in school and kept on composing throughout my entire life every since. In 2008 I released my first royalty free scores album and I released a second one in 2012. I made dozens of musical scores for every single one of my websites when I worked at ReDCroW Design and musicalized every single one of my short films but I never really thought about selling my royalty free scores on their own until I realized that some of the people who have watched my After Effects templates actually wanted just the music. So, after having a dive into my inventory I found so many never-seen-before royalty free scores.

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Royalty Free Scores and Soundtracks

Music makes the world go round. It is through music that we can understand better the mood of a scene in a film. It is through music that we drown our sorrows or celebrate our successes. So it is only natural that you would like to musicalize your motion graphics, your films, games or short films but sometimes you just can’t make the music from scratch and using someone else’s will get you in a copyright-related lawsuit. So what else can you do?
This is where royalty free scores and soundgtracks come in. Once you purchase a license, you can use professionally-made music wherever you want to pump-up the production value of anything and fill with emotion and atmosphere any scene.

Head out to my Pond5 store to listen to the music.

For those of you who are already familiar with my music, this is 30+% new never-heard-before material! So don’t miss it!

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