Evil Planet Games: Schrodinger’s Box Coin Flip

Schrodinger's Box Coin Flip Mobile Game

Yes, this is officially the first ever mobile game developed by Evil Planet Games! And I am damn proud of it! With a sincerely laughable budget and an equally laughable amount of time to work on this thing, it is a miracle it even made it out, but here we are, celebrating my first game. To his credit, the programmer involved in this mobile game worked really hard on it, so you gotta give him special kudos.
Also, I want to stress that no, this is not an April fools joke, just completely idiotic timing to release my first game.

So what’s the game about? In short: Schrödinger’s Cat. The long answer is: Imagine if you were performing the Schrödinger’s cat experiment and when you are about to open the box to reveal the biological status of the feline, you are faced with two possibiliites; A dead cat and a live cat. Now, being this a binary sort of situation it is almost like a coin flip. Heads the cat is alive, tails it’s dead. So that’s pretty much it. I took this premise and turned it into a cool mobile game! Because, why the hell not? If I’m going to hell, I might as well be driving the bus, amrite?

Schrodinger’s Box Coin Flip Mobile Game

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