Necronomicon Illustrations, Pure Lovecraftian Goodness!


H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu

Cthulhu Concept Drawing

So I was looking for material to show to a potential customer and looking through my various folders of concept art and drawings I stumbled upon a small treasure trove of illustrations that I made for my “Book of the Dead Names” prop, which you can view here. Which basically was one of the many Necronomicon replicas I’ve made over the years, a subject that I have been passionate and obsessed about over the years, mostly because of the Evil Dead movies, but also because of Lovecraftian lore.
Now, If you don’t know what the Necronomicon is, it’s a fictional book created by American author H. P. Lovecraft, who created an entire mythology around it, from the creation of the the book, somewhere in medieval Damascus to the creatures depicted in it. These creatures were not all created by Lovecraft, some were created after his death by other authors like August Derleth but they are in one way or another mentioned somewhere in Lovecraftian literature and therefore are part of the Lovecraftian Cthulhu mythos.
So anyway, digression aside. This was a very thorough Lovecraftian bestiary that I spent quite some time working on. Most of the biology and physiologies were based on the author’s descriptions of these creatures but I did take certain liberties and creative licenses with some of them. Like, for instance, Night Gaunts were described as having no face, but for an airborne creature, I was thinking they should have a way to in-take air and feed for sustenance (after all, flying does burn calories), so I drew these creatures with nothing but a gaping, lamprey-like mouth hole on their faces. Similarly, I added extra nipples, folds and other features on the bodies of some of the other creatures, because, why the heck not. They are extraterrestrials after all.

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Evil Planet Games: Schrodinger’s Box Coin Flip

Schrodinger's Box Coin Flip Mobile Game

Yes, this is officially the first ever mobile game developed by Evil Planet Games! And I am damn proud of it! With a sincerely laughable budget and an equally laughable amount of time to work on this thing, it is a miracle it even made it out, but here we are, celebrating my first game. To his credit, the programmer involved in this mobile game worked really hard on it, so you gotta give him special kudos.
Also, I want to stress that no, this is not an April fools joke, just completely idiotic timing to release my first game.

So what’s the game about? In short: Schrödinger’s Cat. The long answer is: Imagine if you were performing the Schrödinger’s cat experiment and when you are about to open the box to reveal the biological status of the feline, you are faced with two possibiliites; A dead cat and a live cat. Now, being this a binary sort of situation it is almost like a coin flip. Heads the cat is alive, tails it’s dead. So that’s pretty much it. I took this premise and turned it into a cool mobile game! Because, why the hell not? If I’m going to hell, I might as well be driving the bus, amrite?

Schrodinger’s Box Coin Flip Mobile Game

Schrodinger's Box Coin Flip Mobile Game So go ahead and head over to Evil Planet Games‘ official website or give some love to the official Facebook Page. Here are the two links:

Evil Planet Games – Mobile Games

Evil Planet Games Official Facebook Page

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Introducing: Evil Planet Games, Mobile Games With an Evil Touch!

Evil Planet Games - Mobile Games

Who would’ve said it, right? Evil Planet Studios and mobile games??? PPFFFFTTT!!! Get out of here! Seriously!? YES! Seriously. Just like Evil Planet Studios started as a tiny ingrown twin growing on ReDCroW Design’s back, video games have been Evil Planet Studios’ ingrown twin growing out of Evil Planet Studios’ butt.
For over 18 years I have been doing video game graphics as a hobbie, ever since I played Commander Keen Episode IV: Secret of the Oracle in 1994, this game was produced by ID software, the same guys who created Doom. Hands down, one of my favorite first person shooters EVER. And it is this game what got me into video game edition, after downloading a graphics and sound effects pack based on The Simpsons characters. It was then that I realized that such a thing was even possible. After a bit of research, I learned this practice was called “Modding”. Back then consoles were not as popular and mobile games didn’t even figure on the map! All we had was MS-DOS and its unwelcomming, black, command prompt screen, which, if not familiar with it can be quite intimidating. But that didn’t stop me. I made over 20 different mods for games such as Carmageddon 1 and 2, Duke Nukem 3D, Doom 1 and 2, Quake 1 and 2 and even a short lived Super Mario World mod that never got off the ground. This was what catalized my entry into the world of Animation, Graphic design,Visual Effects and now, mobile games. Of course the end game is video games, but for now mobile entertainment will do.
If you like the rest of my work as an artist, chances are, you gonna LOVE my work as a game designer! So head over to Evil Planet Games‘ official website or give some love to the official Facebook Page. Remember, sharing is caring!

Evil Planet Games – Mobile Games

Evil Planet Games Official Facebook Page

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Nevermore Graphics: New Photoshop Templates!

New Photoshop Templates

So, I was going over my inventory today and found lots of unused material in the form of PSD Stock Graphics and Photoshop templates and I thought to myself: “Boy, some of this stuff is never going to see the light of day on my old and dusty website, some of it will NEVER see the light of day at all, because it was never released!” and I kind of felt bad. Because as an artist I like my art to be used, to be useful. To decorate someone else’s life, to be seen by the world. And after all, what good are PSD stock graphics if no one uses them or sees them?

Many people over the years came to love and appreciate my graphic style and aesthetics so I decided to put these designs for sale as Photoshop templates for everyone to use and enjoy at very affordable prices!

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Why Are Motion Graphics So Expensive?

Why are motion graphics so expensive?

As a motion designer, I often hear many of my customers and potential customers ask me why is this stuff so expensive? And I used to get really annoyed at that question, because for me it is obvious why, but after speaking to a few of my customers, who over the years I became friends with, I realized why there was this perceived notion that motion graphics, like graphic design, are easy to do, that the computer does it all for you and that all it takes is just technical know-how. Either that or “Hey, you are an artist, buddy, come on, it’s like fun anyways, right?”.
But why are motion graphics so expensive? Well, you are in luck, ’cause today I’m going to talk just about that! Hit the break to read more.

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