Nevermore Graphics: New Photoshop Templates!

New Photoshop Templates

So, I was going over my inventory today and found lots of unused material in the form of PSD Stock Graphics and Photoshop templates and I thought to myself: “Boy, some of this stuff is never going to see the light of day on my old and dusty website, some of it will NEVER see the light of day at all, because it was never released!” and I kind of felt bad. Because as an artist I like my art to be used, to be useful. To decorate someone else’s life, to be seen by the world. And after all, what good are PSD stock graphics if no one uses them or sees them?

Many people over the years came to love and appreciate my graphic style and aesthetics so I decided to put these designs for sale as Photoshop templates for everyone to use and enjoy at very affordable prices!

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As many of you know, one of my first businesses was ReDCroW Design, I specialized in web design and graphic design back then. This was way back, when Evil Planet Studios didn’t even figure on the map, back then I was doing only web design and graphic design. My love has always been motion graphics, but back then I had no market for that but flash animation, which as you and I know eventually died out leaving a lot of my ReDCroW Design portfolio orphaned and obsolete. This lead to the creation of Evil Planet Studios to showcase my Motion Graphics; the next step in my career and the spiritual successor of my Flash portfolio. And as I continued my work on other softwares and medias, the Photoshop graphics sort of fell into oblibion and went to storage.

Not just leftover Photoshop Templates!

So, massive digression aside, as a byproduct of so many years of work as a graphic designer I did have lots of leftover material from the good ol’ days that I never used, some of them were intended to be Photoshop Templates from the beginning others were material that no one bought or that I did just for fun. Now, because I don’t want to sell just recycled value, I did do a fair amount of work on these PSD stock graphics, to improve the graphics and take them to the next level, improve their functionality, make them easier to customize and use so you won’t be getting rejects, but stand-alone graphics ready to implement and remix.
Some of these PSD stock graphics were already uploaded to my store and some of them are awaiting to be uploaded because I am still working on them. In the meanwhile you can check out the newly-added Photoshop Templates portfolio here:

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