New 3D Models: The ScrapGun, The Revolver and The FPS Hands

So, I did this cool collaboration with a friend recently. I’ve been BEGGING for bloody ages to people to do a collab and the result is usually either they blow me off ’cause they got no time or interest or they want to impose THEIR project and want ME to do it, which wouldn’t be a collab, it would be a commission. So here I am, pretty much gave up on the whole collab thing and I mention this idea to a friend (who’s a writer). To my delight and surprise, she whips out an idea and I’m instantly hooked. I WANT to do this thing. ‘Cause 1. She’s an awesome writer. And 2. HELL YEAH! And well, the result is right there in the picture; The Scrap Cannon, a.k.a. Molten Scrap Cannon, a.k.a. the ScrapGun.

You can learn more about the story behind this cool weapon here:

In other news, I also finished a pack of 5 revolvers. Or rather, the same revolver with 5 skins. Or 6, I forgot. Wich you can check out here:

I wish I could tell you that there’s a cool story behind this one as well, but alas, there isn’t. It’s just a bunch of aggressive-looking revolvers from different fictional time frames, from the wild west, to dirty harry, to the far future, where they apparently have glowy ammo. It’s not based upon any particular real-life gun but it was fun working on it.

Obviously, to shoot it and load it for the commercial, I also modeled hands based on my very own pair. But to take a look at that one, you gonna have to head out to my 3D Models and Texturing section.

Thanks for reading, if you made it thus far and see you in the next update!