After Effects Templates: Mystery Files, Abduction, I see you and More!

After Effects Templates: Mystery Files, Abduction, I see you and More!

So it’s been awhile! What have I been up to, you might ask? Well… You might say it’s a Mystery! See what I did there? Get it? ‘Cause it’s the name of the After Effects template? Nothing? Ok… (._.)’

So anyway, I’ve been working on a series of really cool AE templates that, like Voltron, they all assemble together to form this one even bigger and more awesome template called “Mystery Files”. And what it is, is this 50’s/60’s style Sci-Fi kind of TV show intro that not only is mostly accomplished inside After Effects but it’s also modular! Meaning that you can move around the individual parts of this After Effects template and re-arrange them to create your own combination. And like I said, all of the elements inside this template are either rendered INSIDE After Effects or pre-rendered, which means that you don’t need any third party plugins to render this project! And yes, even though the file-size was a huge limiter for what we could get away with in this template in terms of editability, the parts that you can’t edit right away in this After Effects template are available with their own individual control panels in other templates. This is due to the fact that I couldn’t get away with cramming all of it into a single template because the combined file-size would’ve exceeded the maximum allowed in the template sites.

Hit the break and watch this and a few other NEW templates in action!

Behold! The voltron of After Effects Templates!

And… as a bonus, these other three!

So yeah, if the options in your Mystery Files template aren’t enough, check out the other ones! And if that is not enough, the Eye See You! template is also available, but that one has a whole story of its own! So check it out!

In the mean time, you can purchase and download this template here:

Or here:

Or here:
(Coming Soon!)

And here are the other ones!
Or here:—ufo-abduction-beam-logo-stinger-s1s7-tnrlj1ouy93o/

And here:—polaroid-instant-photo-logo-stinger-sya0g776lj15richf/
And here:

Eye See You:
Or here:—dynamic-blinking-eye-logo-stinger-h0v9vro2ej0xug5mv/
Or here:

Stay in Focus:
Or here:—magnifying-glasslens-logo-stinger-ros1naf3lj0o36kaq/
Or here:

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