Nevermore Graphics, Stock Graphics At Affordable Costs!

Nevermore Graphics

Nevermore Graphics makes stock motion graphics at affordable costs for most genres, although it specializes in Halloween motion graphics, horror and SciFi for the most part. The artist behind these animated gems has been doing animation and motion graphics since 1997, usually on modest, low-end computers, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on extremely low budgets and very narrow time frames.

With backgrounds in graphic design, animation, music, motion graphics and visual effects, Nevermore Graphics possesses a skill set ideal to produce and create about everything related to small-to-medium size productions. Unfortunately, even for these kinds of projects, monetary constraints often put a cap on how much production value can be crammed into a given production. Nevermore Graphics is a low-cost solution to this problem. You can browse through over 100 templates of motion graphics in different genres, a significant portion of which fall under the Horror, Halloween and SciFi category, with around 40 different Halloween motion graphics templates.

You can see more of Nevermore here:

Not what you’re looking for? No problem! Evil Planet Studios is the high-end division of Nevermore Graphics and we can do just about anything Nevermore does, AND MORE, albeit for a higher price, including modifying Nevermore’s templates to fit your needs.