New 3D Model: The Victorian Living Room

After I created the original living room furniture set, I felt like it was incomplete. Unfortunately at the time, all I wanted was to make the furniture and that’s it, but as time went by, I really wanted to have more than just the furniture. A bear rug to sit in front of the furniture, for example. Or a nice fireplace for the bear rug to make more sense, and while we’re at it, why not decorate the mantle of said fireplace with a clock, but wait, if there’s a clock, surely a mounted deer head would also make sense, it’s a slippery slope, is what I’m trying to say.

So as a sort of an update I decided to pull off the entire living room, walls and all, as a self-contained model pack. Just like I did with the Shinto shrine.

Even tho this was no easy feat, this was far easier than the shrine itself. I was able to get away with way more stereotypical content, compared to the Shinto shrine and STILL make it look somewhat historically accurate, for example. We are still using Victorian elements and this was somewhat of a blessing in disguise.

Some of the elements in this pack are also available on their own, such as the clocks and the taxidermy, and obviously, the furniture pack I started with, which don’t need you to buy the whole package if you’re looking for some elements but not others.

All in all, you can check the Victorian Living Room Model Pack HERE, links to where you can purchase it are right there as well.