New Models: Merry Christmas (In Advance)

You might be asking yourself why I am posting Christmas-themed models already, when we’re not even in December, but if you’ve ever tried to prepare a Christmas-themed project days before Christmas, it’s absolute chaos. So I’ve released my holiday themed model earlier, for those wanting to prepare. That said, it’s been awhile since the last update! And things have been crazy over here, seems as if tho I am more focused in my craft than keeping up with social media and announcements. I know it’s equally important, but I just get so sucked into projects one after the other, that I sometimes forget to let you guys know what is going at Evil Planet Studios and Nevermore Graphics.

If you ever read these, however, thank you!

Now, this update to the portfolio features three major entries, I of course have been busier than that, but I don’t want to clog-up the portfolio with every single piece I made and just feature the ones I’m most proud of. In this case, The Japanese Shinto Temple, the Elemental Golems and of course, Santa’s Turbo-Sleigh.

Each of these presented new and different challenges to make, as well as learning opportunities, for me. Take the Japanese Shinto Shrine/Temple, for instance; In order for it to be visually and culturally accurate, I had to research what every part of it means, such as the Torii (the red gate), Toro (the stone lanterns) or Shimenawa (paper amulets), where they are usually found or how each of these materials age or weather. In the case of the Sleigh, where rust builds up and how I could visually simplify a jet turbine, so it looks good in low-poly without looking lazy.

If you want to check out every single one of these models, please feel free to swing by my 3D Models and Texturing page to see all of the models, you can find where you can purchase the model there, if you are interested.

And if you have questions or would like me to expand on certain topics, models or themes, please, feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll be sure to read it!