New Mobile Game: Martian Invaders

Martian Invaders Mobile Game

Hello again, Folks! I am back with yet, ANOTHER mobile game! Yes!! Not even kidding! And this one is a little bit different from the last one. It’s a Space Invaders clone. I’ve been hard at work on this and other games, you are seeing them all coming out right now as a weird chorizo stream of juicy mobile game goodness (I know, disgusting metaphor, sorry), as if they were on some sort of production line when In fact, I have been hard at work on them for months now. In fact, let me correct; WE -The programmer and I- have been hard at work on these mobile games for a long time now. And this one is the oldest. Some of these graphics were made 2-3 years ago and I have literally been sitting on them, waiting to find a programmer to do the codding all this time to be able to release it. And now it’s finally out and there’s nothing that makes me feel more warm and fuzzier inside than to be able to release this mobile game for the world to play and enjoy!

Holy Sh*t it’s a UFO Invasion!: The Mobile Game!


So, why the weird name? The short answer is, ’cause I am weird. The long winding one… Well, why not!? Since this stuff is something I do in my own time, these games are a weird part of my brain. This is what goes on inside my insane membrane, my dome. THE dome. The dome of evil! And no, I am totally not referring to mobile games, the last thing I have time for nowadays is gaming (whether mobile or otherwise), but making them, that’s another story. That’s porfolio material. More media, to carry the message of what my talents are to more people and hopefully, find that someone who will notice my work and hire me, who knows. (Notice me senpai!). Anyway, enough talking, I’ve had way too much coffee today and I can see sounds right now and move in bullet time.

So go ahead and head over to Evil Planet Games‘ official website to download the game or find it on the google play store or give some love to the official Facebook Page. Here are the links:

Evil Planet Games – Mobile Games

Evil Planet Games Official Facebook Page

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