After Effects 360 Template: Biohazard 360 – Loopable, Dynamic 360 footage

This is the second After Effects 360 Template I release and taking a few well-learned lessons from the last one, I decided to arm this one with as many customizing options as humanly possible, so it’s not just a simple tech corridor but basically, this is EVERY tech corridor. Early on during development of this AE template, I noticed that not everyone would want a Biohazard/Zombie infection-themed project, so I thought about releasing one after that and make it about some oil refinery, or perhaps a nuclear plant and it quickly became apparent that it would be easier to simply add the option to pick the setting and change the wall graphics. It wasn’t that hard for me to add, so I did. And speaking of which, this After Effects 360 template offers a quite a wide range of options to explore, in fact I think this is the most extensive Control Panel I’ve implemented to date. From the color of the general atmosphere and lights, to the color of the items inside the scene and wall graphics, this AE template is versatile and highly customizable.

Now, understandably, editing this project might be a little bit harder than any othe past ones, but I made a tutorial JUST for this project.

Hit the jump to watch it in action

Tech Corridor After Effects 360 template

You can purchase and download this template here:

or here:
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3 thoughts on “After Effects 360 Template: Biohazard 360 – Loopable, Dynamic 360 footage

  1. hello. I would like to purchase it because is what i need for some project. but the thing is that i have Ae version and i only find it in AE cc version. It will be awesome if you help me with this little issue. thanks

    • Rolando, thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately I cannot convert to anything below CC, but should you need a highly customized version, I can do it for you for an extra fee and render it as well so it’s ready to go. This of course is not going to be as cheap as the After Effects template alone, but will grant you seamless integration of whatever new assets you wish to implement, since I have all the original files with which this template was created.

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