Heavy Metal 2 – Giant Mecha 5.1 Surround Sound After Effects Template

5.1 Surround Sound After Effects Template

I’ve been wearing surround sound headphones for awhile now. I mean, the sound is fantastic, the movies sound incredible but haven’t done anything with them work-wise really. I kinda felt they were being wasted on films and gaming so I decided to come up with a 5.1 Surround Sound After Effects template. Now, I know, it may seem like overkill, after all most of my AE templates are short. but as an artist I am always trying to push the envelope and exploring new grounds, so the natural thing is obviously try to bring a more cinematic experience to my work. With people using more and more 5.1 and 7.1 sound technology, this was a logical step in the evolution of Nevermore Graphics.

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Not Just a 5.1 Surround Sound Experience In a After Effects template…

Now, 5.1 sound is already a cool feature to have in an After Effects template. But…  how about,  enough controls and features to give you full control of the 3D without actually involving plugins? Don’t get me wrong, this is no replacement for a dedicated plugin or 3D software, but all things considered, it does grant you an incredible level of flexibility. You can change the color scheme of the mecha, the color of the lights, the background colors, the amount of lights and even make mattes on the fly to position objects in 3D space around the mecha, all this, from the comfort of Adobe After Effects.

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