Quoth The Raven, Nevermore (Graphics)

Boy this is going to make me seem irresponsible, isn’t it? But guess which other project I have been procrastinating on? Ahh you got me! The Steampunk Santa! I’m kidding, it’s this raven.

But to be fair, it’s not as bad as it looks/sounds and it’s not for the reasons you think.

You see… this Raven was going to be part of a short film. I was going to make Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven poem in short film form and this was going to be the star of it. The fact you are hearing all about it, is proof it’s not gonna happen anymore but you still get to see a 30 second clip of the last bit.

Let me start from the beginning: Ever since I knew what poetry was, The Raven has been my favorite poem. Don’t ask why, just accept it. I would read it countless times and I even knew it by heart, every time I would picture the story in my head so vividly and with so much detail and so, when I was old and experienced enough, I decided I wanted to make it a short film. To get those images out of my head, so-to-speak. I searched for actors, locations and animal trainers (And yes, I wanted it to have an ACTUAL raven). But alas, the actors were flaky at best and kept on canceling over and over, so I said “FINE! I’ll do it myself!” but then the places I asked permission for filming kept on canceling as well, and there were no animal trainers with ravens here either, so I had to make the raven CGI, which is fine, that’s what I do for living but without a filming location I got no film. And one thing led to another and… basically it’s impossible to film anything here so I gave up on my film career. And a few weeks ago I decided that if I ever wanted to do this project, I’d just have to live with the fact that it has to be a nano-version of it and I am fine with it, and here we are!

No postmortem today ’cause I’m busy, but you can watch the video and check out the renders below!

Thanks so much for reading, check back soon for more cool stuff! (yes, a big one’s coming!)