The Sirenhead Model – Making A Monster


It all started on a rainy evening. I was self-isolating and bored out of my mind, so I started watching Jackscepticeye’s playthroughs, when I find one of a game called “Sirenhead”, made by a talented bloke called Undreamed Panic, who runs a small studio called Isolation Interactive. The game looks and feels amazing. It’s fun and brilliant. Not to mention scary as all hell! All around Incredibly well done. I was fully into it and wanted to be a part of it, ’cause you know this is 100% my cup of tea. So I contacted Undreamed Panic and offered to sculpt the titular character, he said yes and here we are now.

Sirenhead: Messing With a Classic

The very first thing I did was to settle a few details with Panic, such as the fact that I kinda wanted to do a few modifications to the original, such as the massive, stitched gash where the speaker pole goes in, 3 speakers instead of two, so on and so forth. The reason why I ended up changing so much of the original character is because I wanted to make him more visually interesting for a game, as well as try to visually explain how it is that there’s a pole sticking out of a torso or how is it that electric speakers connect to flesh. Other details were ways to make Sirenhead look even more inhumane. And one of those ways was to decrease/increase the number of fingers and toes, change small but eerie details of his anatomy, so on and so forth. And once Panic agreed to most of those changes, I started sculpting, UV mapping and texturing it, which you can see a video of the first two steps below:

Where’s the texturing process!?

So, as a making of, you must think this video falls short. At which I say, yes, yes it does. But it’s also the first one, so based on how people react to it, I plan to post better and more detailed ones.
And, as a side note, you also probably have noticed the aching lack of the texturing process, which for now I won’t be posting any of, but again, I’ll see how this video does and hopefully that’ll make me want to post more of them.

In the mean time, visit Trevor Henderson’s Twitter to see more of his awesome work, he’s the creator of Sirenhead:

Here’s Undreamed Panic’s Twitter, the artist behind the game, follow him to keep up to date with his latest games:

Or visit his game download page, where you can download the game and find out more news about the Sirenhead game or support the artist making it: