3D Low Poly Weapon Pack With PBR Materials

Low-Poly Weapon pack is a pack of 4 different weapons with multiple skins and variants. Incredibly flexible and customizable. They were all created in Blender 3D and textured in photoshop. They were animated in Blender but the polish was done in Adobe After Effects, for this promo. The song was composed in FL Studio, by … Read more

New Website and Section!

If you’ve been following my twitter and Facebook, which I encourage you to do, you know that I’ve been putting out 3D models for the past 2 years or so, been doing them for a bit longer than that, but strangely enough, my portfolio never had a 3D section. It’s always there, make no mistake, … Read more

New After Effects Template: Calm Waters Logo Reveal

Calm Waters - Logo Reveal After Effects Template

Peaceful tranquility is what this After Effects template was designed to portray. After so many explosive, violent and epic AE templates, it was only fair to give the action a rest and what a better way than with a calm sea or lake. Continuing with the aquatic theme from the last template, this one offers a completely new perspective; Rather than UNDERwater, this one shows the water surface instead, with waters tranquil enough to reflect the text hovering above it.

This After Effects template is relatively simple in terms of inner workings and doesn’t have too many options, however you can still fine-tune the color of the sky and water to match your needs. As always, the “metallic” text isn’t actually rendered via any special plugin, all you need is After Effects’ Classic 3D render engine, which is the one selected by default when you open After Effects.
The lens flare is ALSO pre-rendered, and it will be occluded by whatever text you put there, so you don’t really need any plugin for it either.

Hit the break to watch the template in action!

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New After Effects template: Spiral Galaxy Logo Stinger

After Effects template: Spital Galaxy

After the unimaginably small, the unimaginably big! What am I talking about? Outer space, of course. Spiral Galaxy is one of those After Effects templates that I’ve been waiting forever to release. First of all because I love astronomy and celestial bodies, but second, because I’ve been working on this template for a very long time. I just couldn’t get it right! I have tried just about every single trick in the book and tried to create this effect through different methods, but every single time, it somehow managed to look terrible. Until I decided to just go with an actual particle system and use the forces of nature at play in an actual galaxy like rotation and gravity.
Colorization wasn’t an easy feat either,¬† in this After Effects template, I wanted people to be able to colorize the galaxy just the way they wanted, so I had to layer it and use plugin upon plugin, stacked on top of each other to create a vibrant color scheme that looks good.
This After Effects template does not require any third party plugins, as everything is pre-rendered and ready to use, even the 3D text. All you have to do is customize it with your own color scheme and voila!

Hit the jump to watch it in action.

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Nevermore Graphics: Pixelized – 8-Bit Pixel Art Logo Stinger

Pixelized - Pixel Art, 8-Bit Graphics AE TemplateDo you like pixel art? 8-Bit graphics?? Old school videogames??? If so, then this After Effects template is for you! I just finished this little pixellated jewel, even the soundtrack and sound effects have 8-Bit elements in them.
At first I was unsure of how far should I go with the whole old school videogame theme. Should I do just pixellated text? 8-Bit videogame graphics? I spent hours trying to come up with an ideal format, to materialize text out of pixels in a visually appealing way. Then it hit me: Why not 3D Pixel art? And I know, I know, 3D pixels are called “Voxels”, which actually stands for “volumetric pixels” but almost no one knows what a “Voxel” is, so for now we’ll just call them 3D pixels. Anyway, massive digression aside, I ended up doing some nice pixel materialization in this After Effects template. When time came to add the sound effects, I tried everything. But the only thing that could go well with pixel art is 8-Bit sound effects and music. Hit the break to watch a video preview of this After Effects Template and some links!

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New Animated Logos: Boston Haunted Manor & Chamber of Horrors

Two new animated logos have been added to the Visual Effects and Motion Graphics portfolio. One of them (shown above) involves a beautifully sculpted 3D Animated character, the other one is, aside from the 3D text, completely animated in 2.5D, both of them, awesome. But hang on tight because there are still more to come! … Read more