3D Low Poly Weapon Pack With PBR Materials

Low-Poly Weapon pack is a pack of 4 different weapons with multiple skins and variants. Incredibly flexible and customizable. They were all created in Blender 3D and textured in photoshop. They were animated in Blender but the polish was done in Adobe After Effects, for this promo. The song was composed in FL Studio, by … Read more

New Website and Section!

If you’ve been following my twitter and Facebook, which I encourage you to do, you know that I’ve been putting out 3D models for the past 2 years or so, been doing them for a bit longer than that, but strangely enough, my portfolio never had a 3D section. It’s always there, make no mistake, … Read more

Evil Planet Commercials: Krazed, The Wireless Gaming Mouse

Krazed Wireless Gaming Mouse is an over-the-top parody of modern gaming mouses made to promote my new line of services for high-end motion graphics for commercials and ads, which are on sale for the time being. The idea behind this parody commercial was to make it fun and humorous, rather than take a fake product too … Read more

New Fruit Stock Footage: Frutal Power, Brutal Freshness

So this one is my latest addition to the Nevermore Graphics family of multimedia, and as part of my advertisements and commercials campaign, which you should totally check out if you’re in the market for something like commercials or ads for your existing products. The water splashing the fruits is a fluid simulation, while the … Read more

Heavy Metal 2 – Giant Mecha 5.1 Surround Sound After Effects Template

5.1 Surround Sound After Effects Template

I’ve been wearing surround sound headphones for awhile now. I mean, the sound is fantastic, the movies sound incredible but haven’t done anything with them work-wise really. I kinda felt they were being wasted on films and gaming so I decided to come up with a 5.1 Surround Sound After Effects template. Now, I know, it may seem like overkill, after all most of my AE templates are short. but as an artist I am always trying to push the envelope and exploring new grounds, so the natural thing is obviously try to bring a more cinematic experience to my work. With people using more and more 5.1 and 7.1 sound technology, this was a logical step in the evolution of Nevermore Graphics.

Hit the break, to read more and watch the template in action!

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Flag Studio, Not Just Another After Effects Flag Template

 After Effects Flag Template

I knew when I decided to make this After Effects Flag Template it wasn’t going to be an easy deed. I didn’t want to make just another template. I haven’t seen another one like this out there, but I’m sure most of them are only editable to a point where you change the flag’s design and that’s it. I wanted to give the user as many options as possible. Mainly ’cause I started to overthink this whole thing while I was making it; What are they gonna use the flag for? How long do they need it? How strong should it wave anyway? Lighting? If so, what color? All these questions, swirling inside my head and so I decided to give it as many options as possible!

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Logo Reveal After Effects Template: Ketchup – Fluid Splat and Dripping Text

Ketchup, a Fluid Splat and Dripping Text Logo Reveal After Effects template!

After completing the Bloody Gore Ball logo reveal After Effects template one thing became very clear; it was too long and for those who only wanted the ending with the cool drippy text it was just a waste of money to buy the whole cow just for a pint of milk. Asides from that, there was also the problem with the customization, the big red gory ball of doom was simply too difficult and pointless to customize, after all, blood is SUPPOSED to be red so what I did was to create an alternate logo reveal After Effects template; Ketchup.
In a few words, Ketchup is a customizable, simple, messy splat of fluid from which procedural, dripping text emerges, but it’s more than that, you see. In this particular template you have the option to edit the color of the fluid, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be ketchup or blood it can very well be mustard. Or tar. Or guacamole! Any goopy fluid, in principle. Anything you think you can spill anywhere! Because making a mess is fun! (Yay?) And the floor doesn’t even have to be the tiled kitchen floor I included, because in this logo reveal After Effects template I also included a grungy concrete floor but if you’ve got any texture of your own you can put that in there, too!

Hit the break to watch this awesome template in action! No viewer discretion is required like with the other template. ‘Cause ketchup isn’t gory. Unless by “ketchup” you mean a clever euphemism for blood.

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After Effects Template: The Conspiracy Theorist – Infographic/Intro

The Conspiracy Theorist: Conspiracy Cork Board After Effects Template

So… since last time’s conspiracy-themed After Effects template, I realized how much of its potential was wasted on a campy intro. Sure, it looks cool and all, but if you want something serious-er, it doesn’t quite work. So I decided to make a “serious” version, inspired by those those opening sequences at the beginning of conspiracy-themed films and tv series like the X-Files, Phenomenon: The Lost Archives, Fringe and others. It wasn’t just the fact that I love conspiracies and paranormal stuff, it was the fact that I really liked how that 3D effect could be accomplished inside After Effects without any 3rd party plugins and it’d still look good. So I devised a plan to create the entire template INSIDE AE. At first I wasn’t even sure it’d even work. Heck, I wasn’t even sure if it was possible to make it work AND be editable, so this was a “background process” in my head for days until I finally cracked it; From the right angle and the right speed, this thing could totally work! I’ve been using this technique for every single template I’ve done so far, although not for anything like this, but still, could it work?
So basically what I’m rambling about is the thumbtacks. Clearly it’s the most obvious protruding object in this picture. If the thumbtacks don’t work, the whole After Effects template falls apart. So I made a few tests and it worked. This was the green light. The thumbtacks were the linchpin around which everything else was revolving around, so naturally, when THAT worked, everything else fell into place.

After over 70 AE templates done, this one is, judging by the entire length and complexity of the composition, one of the most compact I’ve ever done. With only 40Mb of asset files and no third-party plugins needed.

Hit the break to watch it in action!

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