Cyborg Knight – Rigged & Animated Low Poly RPG/FPS Character

Cyborg Knight, designed, modeled, textured and render in Blender 3D, for game engines with BSDF material capabilities. It is an FPS character that can double as RPG character. Fully rigged and animated. It features quad polygons instead of tris, in case you wanted to have tris you can simply divide the quads, otherwise it would be irreversible.

Obviously you can use it for so much more than just games. Like short films, visual effects or motion graphics. It comes with a wide variety of skins, in all the colors of the rainbow, plus black and white (see gallery)

It is fully rigged and its animations come as actions. It’s not game-ready, so you can still have some freedoms to customize it, fine-tune the animations and the textures/materials, like I said, it comes with 9 different skins, all of which are BSDF materials and come with Diffuse, Metal, Roughness, Normals, Emission and SSS maps.

There’s also damage textures (again, see gallery), in case you want the character to die or get battle damage. You can change the color of the skins by going into Photoshop or GIMP and using Hue and Saturation to shift the desired color (red, orange, blue etc.) to your desired tone and hue, alternatively you can change the emission color as well to change the color of the light-up parts to your desired hue.


You can acquire the model here:
Or here:

Writing (and Directing) Visual Effects Shots

A Practical Guide For Budget FilmMaking

Besides being a visual effects artist and motion designer at Evil Planet Studios and a graphic designer for ReDCroW Design, I’ve had my healthy share of writing and directing. Ever since I remember I always liked story-telling and that was one of the driving factors that led to my incursion into writing and directing my own shorts. But every once in awhile I get carried away and end up coming up with some impossible-to-produce piece of work that slowly dies on the drawing board and leaves me wondering: “What the hell just happened?”.

See, the problem about writing a visual effects shot is that it looks awesome in your head, it looks great on paper, too and it would certainly look awesome on screen but to make it happen you would need a budget equivalent to the GDP of a small country. But why? The answer may baffle some: It all boils down to time. And time=money. Whether it’s your time, an un-paid intern’s time or the time of the artist you hired to do the visual effects.

I had to learn this the hard way, some of my scripts ended up as botched productions or simply un-filmable projects. Now I am sharing my experience with you, so you can take into account the many variables and requirements that go into writing visual-effects-loaded scenes.

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Nevermore Graphics: New After Effects Templates and Even More To Come!!!

 After Effects Templates: TheCrimeScene

First of all, sorry for the lack of posts, Folks, it’s been a crazy year. As you all know, a few months ago I decided to open a whole new avenue for my creativity, making After Effects templates and stock footage and called it Nevermore Graphics. In honor of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem: The Raven. You can read more about Nevermore Graphics in THIS POST.

After several months of hard work and dedication and countless hours behind a computer monitor I am proud to present to you a collection of more than 40 different high quality, affordable AE templates ready to edit and customize! Most of them Fantasy and SciFi! Perfect for short films, YouTube channels and gaming intros! Head over to VideoBlocks or Pond5 (Links below) to take a look at the After Effects templates or hit the break to watch them on a playlist!

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Nevermore Graphics: After Effects Templates, 19 New Templates!

Nevermore Graphics: After Effects Templates and Stock VideoAfter 3 months of hard work, I am proud to present to you, Nevermore Graphics, a branch of Evil Planet Studios that allows you to get all the quality of Evil Planet Studios for a fraction of the price. Nevermore Graphics sells affordable, stunning, customizable After Effects templates and stock footage that give maximum impact to your motion graphics and skyrocket the production value of your production without the price tag that goes over custom-made motion graphics. The Nevermore Graphics After Effects Templates instantly raise the production value and credibility of your project without raising your costs and come in a wide variety of themes and designs that you can easily customize with the aid of a control panel!

There’s 19 different After Effects templates to choose from, and many more will be added. Visit the Visual Effects & Motion Graphics section to watch them all or visit my page to pick one:

Nevermore Graphics After Effects Templates.